The company of space funeral services is in full growth, with offers that already include sending cremated remains to outer space at $ 12,500 per gram.

More affordable is the shipment of 85 grams of remains in a container to a low Earth orbit for $ 5,000, where it will remain a few years before falling to Earth and disintegrate by heat to reenter the atmosphere.

The Houston-based start-up Celestis, which has put the remains of dozens of people in orbit since it began operations in 2015, intends to ship the stays of up to 500 Americans in orbital and deep-space tombs in 2017.

We are in the tsunami phase of new space activities,” Charles Chafer, CEO of Celestis, told the OC Register newspaper.

Celestis has partnered with Argos Funeral Service, the first funeral provider, to obtain permission to send human cremation remains to the Moon. The ashes will be mounted aboard a private Moon Express flight. At that point, a robotic lunar lance will carry the ashes and DNA to its permanent resting place.

It’s not that different from spreading ashes in the sea,” said Chafer. “Everyone dies, it’s a huge market.”

On average, the creation of an adult produces around 2,268 grams of ash. In other words, it would cost tens of millions of dollars to bring the whole body into space for eternal rest, Sputnik news notes.


The applicant must be domiciled in Montevideo and personally appear with:

  • Death certificate issued by any medical assistance center (if it is private, it bears a professional stamp)
  • For the deceased at home, submit the police report with the corresponding offices.
  • Identity card of the dead (can be photocopy in good condition). If you do not have a ticket, you must bring the identification form issued by the Acting Police Section or by the Civil Identification Office of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Identity card of the applicant.
  • This Service is intended for that personnel who do not have BPS coverage and who are not affiliated with any private funeral service. Retirees and active workers have no right to it.