Funeral Services Company

Since 1969, the Principal Funeral Services accompanies thousands of relatives and friends in the awkward trance of the last goodbye to their loved ones. It is a demanding and challenging mission to which we dedicate the 24 hours. Of the 365 days of the year. Read more at funeral directors sydney

But we assume it convinced to contribute to mitigating the complications and discomforts caused by a situation limit.

The death of someone very close may disorient or paralyze us about all the procedures proper to the situation. There are many and varied actions that must be coordinated as soon as possible:

  • Collect data to process the death certificate.
  • Advise on the different places of burial.
  • Final disposition of land, niche or community pantheons.
  • Meet with family members and arrange funeral details according to wishes and beliefs.
  • Choose the time and place of the wake.
  • Collaborate to define the service, select the coffin and the other components of the funeral Etc.

The Principal puts at your disposal a Service Advisor and a Ceremonial Coordinator who will inform you in detail about the steps to follow and will take care of any actions that may take you away from yours in such a painful situation.

Our human resources, infrastructure, and technology are specially prepared to provide practical, immediate and efficient solutions.  We are convinced that more than a farewell ceremony for those who are no longer there, it is an opportunity to Honor your Life.

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